What I Look Out For When I Want To Get A New Puppy

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“Happiness is a warm puppy.”(Charles M. Schulz)


The trend of keeping puppies is very common nowadays. There are many people out there who rather than purchasing a full grown dog, go for a nice and cute puppy. Yes taming and taking care of a puppy is fun activity which can really release your stress and at the same time provide you a unique sense of happiness as well. However purchasing a puppy is not that easy. While purchasing a puppy you need to keep into consideration many things and through this article I will share some of those things with you.

Get The Right Breed

Different types of dog breeds

The first thing which you should always keep into mind is that a puppy is no less than investment. Purchasing a puppy takes some amount so ensure that you should buy a perfect breed for yourself. Try to buy the original thing. Be careful in this regard as there are many cross breads out there as well. Whether you are buying a Labrador or a bull dog ensure that you buy the original breed. If you are not a person who is expert in Puppies then it is recommended that you should take along with you someone experienced.

Body Of The Puppy

You need a puppy which is healthy and no compromise can be made in this aspect. You do not want a puppy that you need to take to a Veterinary doctor every passing day. There are various things that define the health of the puppy. See to it that your puppy has a compact, strong and sturdy body. Yes a puppy belonging to a small breed will be a little dainty however ensure that even such a puppy should not look bony or thin. Also check the belly of the puppy, ensure that it is not out of proportion.


French Bulldog’s coat shiny and healthy

Check the coat of the puppy. See to it that it is shiny and clean. When I say shiny and clean then this means that it should not contain any bare spots. If the puppy has any red spots then this means that it is suffering from some kind of allergy or skin problem. A muddy coat is acceptable however a coarse coat usually means existence of worms.

Nose And Eyes

Always check the nose and eyes of your puppy with utmost care. A puppy living a healthy life will always have bright and clear eyes. The unhealthy sign can be any kind of discharge from the nose. Coughing is also something which should not be there in the puppy.


German Shepherd’s cute ears

A puppy requires a proper ENT checkup.  Yes you need to check the Ears of your puppy as well. Ensure that the puppy has clean ears. If you see any kind of discharge, redness or irritation, then understand that there is a problem in the ear of the puppy. Usually puppies having ear problems produce a very bad smell from their ears. Either they will scratch them or will quite often shake their head.


Another indication with regards to the health of the puppy is its stool. The puppy should pass regular and firm stool. A common disease with puppies face is diarrhea hence while selecting a puppy; check the cleanliness of the bottom area. Any sign of loose stools means that there is something wrong with the animal which you want to purchase.  If the puppy is licking its genital area a lot then this means that there can be a case of Urinary infection.

General Behavior

Adorable puppies

See the general behavior of the puppy.  It should look energetic and happy. If the puppy looks listless or lethargic then this means there is problem. Yes some puppies are shy than most of their mates. Such puppy is healthy however the one which is not interested in you as well as its surroundings can be suffering from some kind of illness.


There are a lot of other things as well which I can explain here however I think I have covered most of the important details on the subject.  If you want to learn more about puppies then try out this one by Cesarsway.

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