Animal care is not a piece of cake and any negligence from your part can even cause death of your pet. If you experience anything unusual in your animal then do not try any medication on your own rather consult a vet at the earliest. However going to vet will cost you some money as well. Before you actually take the animal to the vet consult me first. May be what has worried you is not such a big thing. May be I can advise you free of cost!

There are several ways through which you can contact me. Today is the age of social media and I am very active on my social media page. You can follow me on my Facebook page and get updated regularly. You can even inbox me your message on my Facebook account. I will surely reply at my earliest.

My phone number is very much evident on my webpage hence you can always call me too. However do not call me on Sundays as this is the only day where I spend some time with my family. However if it is something really urgent then you can always call me.

There is an inquiry form on my page as well. You can fill the form and send me the query. I will surely reply you with a relevant and detailed answer. Similarly if you wish you can send me an email as well. However since there are a lot of people contacting me hence you have to be patient with regards to my reply.

Lastly if you are really facing a very serious issue then you can always meet me as well. We can discuss on phone the meeting spot and discuss matters accordingly. I am open to ideas and your feedback and comments really help me.

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