Close-up of bowl full of dog food

Taking care of my pets is one of the most difficult jobs that I do, however it does not mean that it is not fun. One of the main things that I need to focus on when taking care of my pets is make sure that they are well fed at all times. In order to do that I have to buy good quality food for my pets, however this does not mean that I look forward to spend a lot of money. Instead, it is exactly the opposite as I try to find places that sell good quality food for a lower price.

The Options

Buying pet food can sometimes be very tricky, however I can tell you some places where you can get the best deals on pet food.



If you are like me, then you will like the fact that you can get your pet food delivered at your door stop. Amazon is known for the wide selection of products that you can buy there and pet food is one of them. They offer the best prices along with a 2 day free shipping. You should definitely check out the prices at Amazon as you will not be disappointed.

Local Pharmacy

Unlike Amazon, if you buy your pet food from a local pharmacy you will not have to wait 2 days for shipping. The prices are reasonable for the most part and you can easily buy the best quality products at these stores. The prices at pharmacies are considerably lower than pet retail stores, especially if you have membership club cards.

Dollar Store

Dollar Store

If you absolutely want to save your money then you should go to the dollar store. The name says it all, at this store you can buy most stuff for less than a dollar. Now one thing to keep in mind that the quality of your pet food will not be too great and you will have to make some compromises.


These were some of the best places for you to buy pet food at the best price. I too use most of these places when I want to buy pet food, the prices in all of these places are pretty much similar but the quality of the product differs. You should never compromise on the food for your pets because the wrong kind of food can easily make your pet sick.