Exercise Routine That Keeps My Pets Healthy

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Keeping pets have become a common trend these days. Few people find it as their hobby whereas other takes it as a source of relaxation and overcome loneliness.

Keeping pets for a living is not enough, it is also very important to look after their health. Do not forget, your pets are living and do feel the pain along with the happiness.

Just like humans, pets also require regular exercise plan along with a planned diet in order to live a healthy and long life. Therefore, being a pet owner, it becomes your responsibility to nurture your pet.

When it comes to healthy living cleaning and feeding is not just enough, there is also a need for a certain exercise routine that your pet needs to follow on daily basis. According to experts, 35 percent of pets are overweight these days and this has increased their chances of having heart problems, arthritis, diabetes and breathing problems.

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Below is the list of the daily exercises that can help you to keep your pet healthy.

Interval Walk

This will also keep your pet excited and energetic all the time.

Taking pets out for pee should not be confused with a walk. You need to know that it is not only good for your pet but for you as well.

Going for multiple walks in a day for some time is the best way to keep not only your young pets but also the older ones physically fit. This will increase the heart rate of your pet and enhance their metabolism. You can go for a few minutes of walk along with jog. This will also keep your pet excited and energetic all the time.

Light Abs And Cardio

Not only dogs but also cats need to stay active. When it comes to cats, using lights for their workout can be a good routine. This will help to tone your cat’s belly and make them flexible. What you need to do is go for a mock rope jumping by flashing the light on the floor and wall. This will act as a short exercise plan for the cats as when they will chase the light it will keep their heart pumping.


You can also repeat it twice in a day.

If you do not have sufficient space, going up and down the staircase can also be the best way to exercise. This will not only sculpt the legs of your pet but will also help them burn their body fat. You can use this routine for yourself also and become an exercise buddy for your pet.

Go for a long staircase and take two steps at a time. You can also repeat it twice in a day.

Fetch Tease

For overall health, mental fitness is equally important like physical strength. You can do this by playing fetch tease with your pet. For this, you can use the favourite toy of your pet and pretend to toss it. You can try doing this until your pet stops chasing. Fetching acts as a great energy burner and enables a good mental condition to your pet. You can also gain the attention of your pet easily, have fun together, and strengthen the bond between you two. Avoid using food as a reward as this might distract them from their toys.

Never Overdo

Avoid overdoing any exercise or even eating, as this may adversely affect your pet’s health.

It is very important for your pet to take a proper nap throughout the day in order to stay active and healthy. In winters, sleeping is the best way to stay out of the cold and in summers, the best option to stay away from scorching heat is to stay indoors.

It is not always good to stay outside. You can also let your four-legged companion share your bed. So, it is up to you to decide what is good for your pet and at what time.

Therefore, the living of your pets depends greatly upon the lifestyle that you provide to it. Firstly, you should understand the needs of your pet. By this, you can identify any abnormal activity of your pet and take necessary measures prior any unfortunate incident.

This will also help you to analyse the behaviour of your pet and plan their daily activities.

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