How I Keep My Pets Fit And Healthy

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” (William Shakespeare (Henry V))


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Keeping pets is not a bad hobby at all and in fact it is something which keeps your fresh and relaxed. However having pets is also a kind of responsibility. You need to take care of your pet as after all it is also living thing which feels happiness and pain. Whenever taking care of the pet is discussed the usual things that come to our mind is cleaning and feeding. Well these are also important aspects however there are many other things as well which you need to do in order to keep your pet fit and healthy.

Things To Do

To keep your pet healthy and fit, consider the following things

Understand Your Pet

Understand your pet and inspect their behavior. Understanding them will help you in analyzing their normal activities and behaviors. The point is that if you understand your animal then this means that you can quickly identify any kind of abnormal activity depicted by your animal. Take it to the vet if you see any such behavior as there are high chances that it is suffering from a health issue.

Annual health check up for the dogs

Health Checks

It is highly recommended that you should regularly check the health of your Animal. Regular checkups, with the vet are something which is highly preferred in this regard. Apart from taking it to the vet, inspect the animal by yourself as well. Check its mouth and other body parts to identify any kind of physical issue.


Take utmost care with regards to the diet of your pet. It is better that you should purchase high quality pet food from your local market. Purchasing the food from a recognized brand is something which is high appreciated in this regard.

Dog eating dog food

Diet Plan

Do not over feed your animal as it can make it over weigh which will ultimately result in a health issue. Provide the food in a balanced way and as per the advice of the vet. Avoid the foods which can be harmful for your pet. Common things which should not be given to the pet include things like chocolate, onions and walnuts etc.


There are a very few people out there who actually know that there are some plants that can be very harmful for pet animals. According to some researches the exact amount of such plants is around 700.

Woman petting her dog

Pet Proofing

To keep your pet healthy and fit, it is important that you should do pet proofing. Inspect all those areas where your pet has access to. Remember there may be some items in your home which may look harmless to you from the human point of view; however from Animal point of you they can be deadly. The names of some of these items are batteries, medicines, automotive fluids and pesticides etc.


Look after the emotional well being of your pet as this is also as important as caring for its physical body. Love can heal anything and your pet animal requires this love and affection from your side for sure. The point is emotions of the pet are directly promotional to its health.


Following the headings mentioned above will make your pet healthy and fit. Apart from these mentioned points there are some other things as well which you need to follow. You can know about other health aspects by clicking this one by avma.

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