Cat vs Dig

When we talk about cats versus dogs then it will hard to pick a clear winner. This battle has been going on for ages and no one has been able to decide that whether cats are better than dogs or is it the other way around. However, it is easier to list out the pros and cons of the two pets. There are some places where dogs are clearly superior to cats, however there are other places where cats are superior to dogs. This can go on and on, that is why it is better to move on.

The Reasons                            

There are many reasons to believe that cats make better pets than dogs and below you will find some of those reasons.


Cute cats house

First and foremost cats do not require a lot of space to live, they are much smaller than dogs which allows them to live anywhere they can fit. So, if you are living in a small apartment, then keeping a cat is a better idea as it will not take up a lot of space in your home. You can even keep 2 or 3 cats together in one home and not feel crowded.


Taking care of cats is significantly less costly than dogs. Now keep in mind that I am not talking about expensive breed cats because taking care of those cats can be a little bit expensive. Adoption fees for cats is much lower than dogs especially during the kitten season when you can get a much lower price. When it comes to cats then some shelters do not even charge an adoption fee in the first place. Buying pet food for you cat is also less expensive.

Happy Indoors

When you are a dog owner then you will know that it is very important to take your dog out for a walk for some time. This is not a problem with cats, it is because cats stay happy indoors and when they want to leave they do so on their own and return home after few minutes. However, if you do not want your cat to roam outside, then you should just make sure that your cat has easy access to all the necessities.

The couple playing with their pet

No Annoying Sounds

Dogs are known to make noise every now and then, they tend to bark a lot and it can quickly get very annoying. This is not the case with cats, although cats do sometimes make annoying noises but they do so very seldom. On the hand cats’ meows are relaxing to here, there meow are often relaxing.

Kittens VS Puppies

Kittens are easier to look after than puppies, although both of these animals require a lot of attentions during the first few weeks, cats are easier to get through with. This is because you can easily leave your kittens home unsupervised unlike puppies who will damage your home when you are not around.


These were some benefits that cats have over dogs. Cats and dogs are undoubtedly great pets and it would be very difficult to choose a winner.