If You Keep Cats As Pets These Tricks Will Help You To Tame Them

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I take care of my flowers and my cats. And enjoy food. And that’s living (Ursula Andress)


Cute cat resting

There are various people out there who are simply fond of keeping cats. As compared to a dog a cat is a much calmer animal which does not disturb you much. There are many benefits associated with owning cat as well such as it is good for the environment, they serve as a good companion and they are usually very hygienic etc. Just like a puppy or a dog, a cat also requires taming and through this short discourse I will share with you guys some of the important taming techniques.  The techniques discussed below are more related to feral cats.


It is preferable that you should rent a nice trap from your local feed barn and use it as per its precautions. Trapping the feral kitten is not that easy hence you need to be patient in this regard. Once you have the cat then immediately douse it with a kitten safe flea. The cat will most likely get infested once it arrives in your home.

A cat visits the vet


The second thing which you should do is that you need to take your cat to the vet. Finding a good vet will not be that difficult for you. The cat does not like to get treated by a vet however this is something which is necessary and needs to be done once your cat goes over 2 pounds. Earlier treatment of the cat through a vet makes it immune and in future it does not irritate you during its checkup.


Develop a nice and comfortable space for your cat. The space can be developed anywhere whether it is the spare room or a bathroom. It is recommended that you should get installed a litter box and provide cat toys, food, beds and water to your animal as well. It will take some time before your cat actually starts understanding you. If initially it scratches you or runs away from you however do not panic as all this is perfectly normal.


Do not lose your patience and do not try to get too close to your cat in the beginning. For it you are no more than a stranger hence all you will get by getting closer is a lot of scratches on your arms. The best approach in the beginning is no approach. In other words the best way to tame a feral cat is to initially ignoring it. Let the cat investigate you before you actually start to investigate it. Again be patient as taming will take some time and effort.

Woman reading with cat


To make the cat immune with human surroundings, the best technique is to read a lot in a room having presence of your cat. The two advantages of book reading are that firstly it helps you in tackling boredom and secondly it makes the cat immune with human voices.


Very soon you will notice that your cat will start investigating you. It will come close to you however again do not get over excited be calm as a cucumber and avoid any kind of sudden moves. It is preferred that you should equip yourself with string toys. The best toy is a feathery mouse. Move the mouse around and play with your cat.


Continue with the last technique mentioned above and gradually enhance the physical contact with your cat so that it gets along with you. Learn more on the subject by clicking this one by pet helpful

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